Hair cut short bob style

1,2,3 It will cut to onelength at the position of thejawat the beginning.

4、5、6 Back of the head it will divided into two up and downat the position of the ear.
      The top and bottom, respectively, divided into fourverticallyand thencut.

7、 Cutpanel is in the angle of 45 degrees to thevertical line, and then cut in the guide the length of the hemline.
8、 Each cutpanel please cut at a position aligned in a straight line

9、10 Also it willcutat the same angleas the lowertop of thearea.

11、 Sideareaofcut as wellby dividing furthe reach vertically divided into three vertically.
12、 Three of the cut panel of the side all by the back of the head of hair to guide and cut at the same position.

13、Also it willcutin the same way in the upperarea.
14、 All have been formed gradient in this manner at the bottom of Bob as long as it can be cut correctly.