It will teach clearly the way of the layer cut

Layer cut style


Determine the length

1,2 Back of the cutline is horizontal and sidesection will cut diagonally

3,4  In the divided and all some of the cutpanel and then cut at the same position

Make a guide

5  Create a guide for making the layercut.
6  The length of the guide set to nearly the midpoint of the length of the entir estyle.
7  Actually cuts is divided into two cutpanels back and forth.

It will be cut to fit the guide

Side section and then cut by 3 split vertically.
9,10  All of the cutpanel and then cut as the cutline in accordance with the guide is horizontal.

Make the back section guide

11、 Create the same length of the guide and the guide that was created in 5, 6, 7.
12、It was sliced radially and cut the same way.

Layercut back and Nepu section

13  divided into four will radially
14  Cut so as to connect the top and bottom
15  In fact Cut separately in this manner the three cut panels

16~19  The angle of the cutline will then gradually change to a horizontal from vertical.


20  Area of bangs and the horizontal width of the left and right eye area, depth i s about 10cm.
21 cut line is allowed to curve as both ends becomes longer.

21,22  Further reduce the thing weight to cut the corner