It will teach clearly the way of the worf cut

Worfcut style

worf cut Complete image


worf cut terminology

Determine the length

worf cut determine the length

1 It will cuttakes the first cutpanel at the bottom of the Nepu section.
  This cutpanel will be the guide.
2  Nepu and the backsection is allI will cut at the same position.

Is divided into two upper and lower

worf cut divided into upper and lower

3,4  Cut separately in the recessionarea up and down.
5,6  Undersection it will cut vertically according to the guide.

worf cut under section

7,8   Angle of each cut panel until the third will be cut on-based location.
Fourth or later it will cutat the position of the third cut panel.

worf cut under section2

9 The end of the cut back and Nepu section.

worf cut under section3

10,11,12 Part of the side divided vertically in three cutpanel.
All already guide the hair of the backsection, which finished the cut will be cut at the same position

Over section

worf cut over section

14,15,16 Cutpanel will be cut in the guide hair undersection in the on-based angle to thehead.


worf cut bangs

17,18,19 Bangs are cut at the position under the eyes and connect to one side of the hai rat an oblique cut line.

worf cut top
20,21 By the bangs to the guide to create a guide to top.

worf cut top2

22,23 To cut and gather all of the hair to guide position.
24 The end of the basic cut.


worf cut texturing

Thinningscissorsto reduce theamount of hairto use, etc., furtherirregularcutthebristles.